Alaçatı Zeytin Konak Otel

Alaçatı Zeytin Konak Otel


Alaçatı Zeytin Konak Otel ile iletişime geçtiğiniz için teşekkürler. Size nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?

What to do in Alacati?


Alacati Beach

The most important feature of Alaçatı Beach is that it is the closest beach to Alaçatı… It is very easy to reach by minibus or bicycle. It is a perfect beach especially with its soft sand and calm sea… Especially when there is a wind of Poyraz, we recommend this beach Alaçatı 11 (Alaçatı Beach Resort – Alaçatı) You can also swim in the area where windsurfing schools are located and watch the windsurfers while having your lunch or drinking your coffee.

Ilıca Beach

Ilıca beach is about 2km long, with white sand and a magnificent sea due to the sulfurous spring water. We recommend you to go early in the morning especially in July and August. In September and October, the sea is magnificent, and it is not crowded. You usually pay for a sunbed here. There are cafes where you can have a small snack, but don’t expect too much… You can take something with you, it’s not a problem. Of course, corn sellers, candy apple shops and stuffed mussels that remind us of our childhood are always there… Open all year round ☺ When there is a lodos wind, the sea on this side is flat


Altinkum is perhaps, in our opinion, the most beautiful and impressive sea of the Cesme peninsula. Sometimes you can’t believe how beautiful it is. The sea is quite cool, which is not a problem in very hot weather. These facilities are open until the end of October. Sometimes you can’t even go and swim in the sea, but sitting by the sea and feeling the silence is very relaxing. Restaurants where you can eat are open. Entrance fee is charged in season. Before Sunset, Fun Beach are the best alternatives.


Aya Yorgi

It is a bay famous for its beach clubs, which you can prefer especially on very windy days. There are establishments for every taste in the same place. There are quiet corners as well as places where you can find yourself dancing during the day.

Pasha Harbor

A quiet area compared to other bays…


The natural thermal area of Çeşme has 1-2 businesses with thermal pools open to the public. Ada Balık is also an ideal place to eat fish and enjoy the sunset.

Sifne Otel

A facility with a thermal pool open all year round. Although a bit old, the pool water is clean and well maintained. It is very pleasant outdoors even in winter.

Cesme Marina

Opened in 2010, Çeşme Marina has a capacity of 400 boats, is close to Alaçatı, has restaurants, shops and is open for 12 months, making it a great place to spend time both in summer and winter.