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Alaçatı Zeytin Konak Otel


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What to do in Alacati?


Alacati is a unique town rich in historical heritage along with the best local Turkish food, art galleries and exciting nightlife. Alacati has recently been attracting attention for its cuisine and natural beauty and was even included in the New York Times’ list of “52 places to visit in 2016”. Here are some great reasons to visit Alacati…

  • Alacati is an undiscovered paradise on the west coast of Turkey with its natural beaches and crystal waters.
  • Alacati offers the true flavor of Turkish culture.
  • Alacati is home to the best small hotels in Turkey.
  • All hotels and restaurants in Alacati specialize in local and seasonal dishes and offer the best locally grown produce.
  • Specialties of the region include olives, figs and almonds.
  • Alaçatı also offers an energetic vacation with its beach clubs and endless nightlife.
  • Alaçatı is a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers due to its naturally breezy climate.
  • It has been named one of the 4 best spots in the world.
  • Windsurfing World Cup (PWA) has been organized in Alaçatı for 10 years since 2005.
  • The local market on Saturdays is a must-see with freshly picked fruits, vegetables, herbs, local cheeses and much more.
  • From designer clothing to vintage objects and souvenirs, you can find original pieces from various shops in the neighborhood.
  • Due to the volcanic geography of the Çeşme peninsula, it is full of hot springs, making it special even in winter.
  • Alaçatı hosts many festivals and events that welcome visitors from all over the world, such as the Alaçatı Fishing Tournament in September and the Alaçatı Herbs Festival in March. Chios Island is very close by, with common features such as Chios trees and similar nature and architecture.
  • The ferry ride to Chios takes less than an hour, making it possible to set off in the morning, explore the Greek island and return in the afternoon.
  • Alacati is the ideal starting point for exploring many fascinating ancient sites such as Ephesus and the villages in the region, all within a 1-2 hour drive.
  • Alaçatı is easily accessible to European cities with direct flights to Izmir.
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Alacati Market

The Alacati market on Saturdays is legendary. There is everything in the market. Fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, olives, olives, walnuts, hazelnuts, lavender and black mulberry jam, coffee and paste with gum drops, various kinds of clothes, linen bedspreads, towels and loincloths, ceramic and wooden household items, various kinds of flowers are all in this market.

If you are an herb enthusiast, the local herbs such as black-eyed Susans, radicchio, arabic hair, radish, chibrika, coral mansion, basil and geranium are for you. The region is famous for its artichokes and melons. It has become so famous in recent years that there are buses coming from the surrounding towns and cities for shopping.

Alacati Fish Auction

Another original experience you can witness in Alaçatı is the Fish Auction. Every morning at 11:00 am, fresh fish is auctioned off in the auction building on the market road. It is really exciting to watch the competitive auction.

Alacati Wetland

Located just outside Alaçatı on the way to the kite beach, the Azmak region, in other words the Alaçatı Wetland, is a natural wonder where you can watch many birds such as flamingos, storks, pelicans, white herons, herons, ducks, geese and cormorants closely. It is a natural wealth and an open-air museum with its biodiversity.

The Alaçatı estuary, located to the west of the area, whose highest point is the 662-meter Kıran Mountain, is home to many species as the largest wetland in the region. Don’t be fooled by its small-scale habitat; with its small beaches, salt marshes, shallow ponds, shallow ponds, reeds, marine areas and vegetation, it serves as a wintering, corridor, feeding, breeding and shelter for birds.

Of the 487 bird species in Turkey, 120, or 25 percent, are found here. Alaçatı Wetland provides habitat for many bird species such as green legs, flamingos, flamingos, white-legged, grosbeaks, finches, finches, kingfishers, angulids, sandpipers and marsh birds.

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Historical Walks

Alacati is famous for its historical stone houses and narrow streets. You can explore the historical and traditional architecture by taking a walk in these streets.

Restaurants and Cafes

Alacati has a rich food culture. You can try fresh seafood and Aegean cuisine at local restaurants. You can also enjoy a coffee or dessert in cozy cafes.

Alacati Stone Houses

Traditional stone houses are one of the symbols of Alacati. You can stroll through the streets of the town to see and photograph these houses. Bicycle Tours To explore Cesme and its surroundings by normal or electric bicycle;

Bike House:+90 532 305 05 78

Alacati Neighborhood Exploration

While you are in Alaçatı, you can make new discoveries by taking wonderful routes such as Çeşme, Urla, Seferihisar, Karaburun, which are between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours away.

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